Slindon House .WW2.

Slindon House, during World War 2.

In early period of WW2, circa 1940, children from the The Princess Elizabeth of Yorks Hospital, located in Shadwell , East End of London, where evacuated to Slindon House for Safety, the area of Shadwell was being heavily bombed.

Six nurses came with them, and apart of the house was turned into a hospital, they stayed there only a short period of time, the house being needed by the Canadians as a military base.

4 responses to “Slindon House .WW2.

  1. Steve Butterworth

    Lindfield School was accommodated at Slindon House in the early 1960’s and during my 2 year stay there, we heard rumours that part of the Normandy landings were planned there. It was even rumoured that General Eisenhower visited the House before the landings to help with the planning. There was a step outside one of the French windows on the South elevation and he was rumoured to have stepped out of the House and used that step.

    There were also rumours that there was a tunnel from the South-East corner of the House underground to the Church of England Church. It was noticed that when the long winter of 1963 thawed, a strip of snow about 8 feet wide from the corner of the House directly to the Church thawed first.

    By the end of 1963, the House was in a sorry state with the entire electrics, plumbing and central heating boiler in dire need of total replacement.

    Hope all this is of some use.

    Kindest Regards,

    Steve Butterworth

  2. Hi Steve
    I could do with your Email address

  3. Duncan Matthews

    Hi Steve,
    I was a pupil at Lindfield School when you were and my opinion of the place is unprintable. If you are able to drop me an e/mail … seems (like me) you have a tale to tell. Kindest regards, Duncan

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