WW1 Prisoner of War Camp.

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German prisoners awaiting processing on arrival at new camp.

Nore Hill CampNore Hill German Camp.

German prisoners working on the land, at Slindon they worked on the local farms, and supplemented there diets by growing there own vegetables.

The camp was established between the bottom of Nore Hill, and West Gumber gate , ( SU 9623 1175 ), they were guarded by Canadian troops.

There were around 200 German prisoners of War at any one time in the camp, they not only worked on local farms, but were employed building an overhead cable railway, to transport timber from Nore Hill, plus other work with the Canadians.
The Canadians did much of the guarding while they were on work parties, but at other times within the camp they were guarded by a detachment of the Royal Sussex Regiment, mainly men who for various reasons may not have been available for full active service in the field.
None the less the camp was well guarded and there were no known escape plans, or any attempts to escape.

The prisoners were used to clear trees from the area, the remains of the rubbish incinerator that served the camp survives.

Location Estate Yard.

Nore Hill/Gumber area.


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