Memories of Slindon.WW1/2.

Rosemary Blackman Text Gumber WW2 memories P.D.F.file click to read.


3 responses to “Memories of Slindon.WW1/2.

  1. my father farmed Gumber from 1936 to 1942, the dummy airfield was built while we were there, I left in 1942 and got married, we now live in Kirdford and are still in touch with one of the airmen that were stationed at Gumber, he is now 93 years old, regards, Bill Mouland

  2. Hello,
    I think my father served there in 1940, is name was Thomas or Tommy Graham, born in Belfast,but i only have an old photo of him sitting outside a bell tent with others,the sign on the tent reads, y,Old,Stynes,Hotel do you remember, many thanks, Tom Graham

  3. I am told that C.F. Rawnsley lived at Slindon for a while after WW2 – Rawnsley was WngCdr/Gp.Capt. Cunningham’s radar op./observer throughout their joint service on Air Interception radar. They were vectored onto intruders by a Quonset hut on the airfield at R.A.F. Tangmere, team led by Sqn. Ldr. Brown.

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