Interesting Notes ,Slindon Village , and Estate.1914/ 1919.

There is much information in the West Sussex Records Office about Slindon, but hidden within the files one does come across some interesting snippets, plus in all research at times one gets sidetracked.

So this page will show some interesting facts etc.

Cold Winter late Spring.

Jimmy Dean April 1917 Heavy Snow.


July 7th Air raid over London Zeppelin.


August 17th 1917. Harold Carver home form the Western Front

September 10th 1917. Dan Poah home from Western Front.

Hospital.Slindon house

October 1st 1917 many wounded Officers arrive at Slindon House.


November 2nd.1917, Concert at school for War funds.

German Prisoners.

December 2nd,1917 German prisoners arrive at North wood.

January 2nd 1918, German prisoners arrive at North Wood.


January 1918 Tom Robinson home from the front.

March 1918 Jack Dean home form France

May 6th 1918.Jack Dean started work work at Slindon House, after being wounded 3 times at the front.



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